About VisionWrights

We get it. Data analytics can seem intimidating or mysterious, but we’re a team of nerds who want to make it not just more approachable — we want to show you how to wield data as your secret weapon.

Data consultants who make you feel SMARTER.

VisionWrights serves as your trusted partner, refining your raw data into diamonds through data analytics and reporting, business intelligence (BI), data strategy development, AI and machine learning adoption, data engineering, comprehensive training, and customized solutions for your needs.


Seeing businesses get excited about how the effective use of their data can transform their business is why we do what we do. VisionWright’s data consulting services help you gain confidence in your data strategy so that you can make stronger, more informed decisions for your company’s growth.

VisionWrights leadership team

Why VisionWrights?

VisionWrights provides a personalized partnership tailored to your unique business stage, needs, and goals. And honestly, no other data consultants do it quite like we do.

Whether you're a startup looking to lay a strong data foundation or an established enterprise seeking to enhance your data capabilities, we have comprehensive data strategies designed to cater to businesses of all sizes.

We don't just stop at the present; our forward-thinking approach ensures you stay future-ready. By harnessing the power of AI and machine learning (ML), deeply rooted in business strategy, we empower your organization to make data-driven decisions confidently. Our team's expertise covers the whole spectrum, from crafting effective data strategies to creating insightful visualizations, deploying AI/ML solutions, and maintaining robust data governance.

VisionWrights can unlock your data's full potential. But we don't stop there. We continue to support, advise, and coach you throughout your strategic data journey.

Who we are.

We have 80+ years of combined experience in data analytics and a lot of cool titles. But our favorite title is “partner” to companies like yours.

Mark Ziler Headshot

Mark Ziler

20+ years in data & analytics, 10+ years enterprise implementation/solution delivery.

Grace Brockwell

Analytics Consultant
Lead consultant responsible for BI implementation strategy and solutions.

Meghan Rogers

Analytics Consultant
Lead architect for analytics discovery, BI implementations, and solutions delivery.

Rachel Ryan

Team leader handling resources, scheduling, technical delivery, and quality assurance.

Jason Rice

Analytics Consultant
Strategic advisor for BI implementation methodology and best practices.

Chad Salstrom

Predictive Growth
Strategic advisor for client discovery and internal product development.
Bard Higgins headshot

Bard Higgins

Analytics Consultant
Lead technical consultant responsible for client strategy and BI-based solutions
Head of Account Strategy
Leading marketing efforts and overseeing strategic partnerships for client accounts

Who we help.

VisionWrights helps organizations like yours:

  • Develop lasting data strategies.
  • Act on impactful decisions.
  • Transform data into dollars.

Worried about making data work for your industry? No sweat. We’ve developed personalized data strategies for clients in:

VisionWrights leadership team

Work with us.

Want to join VisionWright’s data-obsessed team? We’re always looking for more innovative data strategists to add to our roster of experts.

Your data is speaking. Let us be your translator.

Get data-driven insight that everyone can understand and leverage.

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