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VisionWrights serves as a strategic partner for Domo clients, assisting them in unlocking the value of their data through analytics, business intelligence, data strategy development, AI adoption, data engineering, and comprehensive training initiatives. These services aim to drive innovation, improve decision-making, and enhance overall business performance. We are here to guide, support and amplify every step of Domo customers’ data journey.



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Avocado faced a critical internal need for enhanced reporting and decision-making capabilities. However, their journey was hindered by limited knowledge of BI platforms and a previous negative experience with BI, leading to skepticism among the C-Suite about investing again. This previous venture into BI was marred by a lack of evaluation on three crucial fronts: the actual need for BI, its potential use, and the business value it could provide. Consequently, the tool they adopted was underutilized and ultimately abandoned.

The Approach

1. Understanding Avocado

VisionWrights delved deep into Avocado's business, BI needs, users, stakeholders, and audience. It was crucial to comprehend their unique context.

2. Assessing The Landscape

 We evaluated Avocado's existing reporting landscape and data maturity, ensuring our recommendations were built on a solid understanding of their starting point.

3. Solution Design Consulting

Utilizing our proven methodology, Avocado defined key business questions, stakeholders who would benefit, and the business value that BI could unlock.

4. Aligning Needs with Solutions

We meticulously aligned Avocado's defined needs with the capabilities of various tools and platforms, with a particular focus on Domo.

5. Demonstrating Value

A crucial part of our strategy was to demonstrate the comprehensive value of a platform like Domo compared to assembling individual tools.

6. Building Confidence

Our process aimed to instill confidence in Avocado that Domo was a cost-effective solution that aligned with their needs and requirements.


After a thorough and careful evaluation process, Avocado confidently chose Domo as their BI platform. This decision marked a significant milestone in their journey towards more informed and effective decision-making. At VisionWright, we pride ourselves on providing clear, concise, and trustworthy guidance. This case study exemplifies our commitment to empowering our clients with the right tools and knowledge to make informed decisions. Avocado's journey with us is a testament to the power of a well-guided BI solution implementation and the transformative impact it can have on an organization.

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Our proven track record of 350 successful implementations across various industries is a testament to our commitment to delivering bespoke, state-of-the-art analytics solutions that drive meaningful business transformation.

Years of Experience

Rely on VisionWrights' 80+ years of combined expertise in data analytics to transform your business. Our seasoned team offers deep, diverse knowledge, ensuring your data is translated into actionable, impactful insights.

mark ziler
Founder & President

Mark Ziler

Founder of VisionWrights, leveraging experience and expert network for client value
• 20+ years in data & analytics
• 10+ years enterprise implementation/solution delivery
• Product leadership at numerous data-centric SaaS companies
• Hands-on fractional “head of data” client advisor

Meghan Rogers_updated headshot
Analytics Consulting

Meghan Rogers

Lead architect responsible for analytics discovery, Domo implementations, and solutions delivery
• Team development experience + varied delivery capabilities
• 15+ years of analytics experience, in-house and consulting
• Former Search Discovery, Big Squid
BS & MS in Mathematics & Applied Demography

Jason Rice_Headshot
Analytics Consulting

Jason Rice

Strategic advisor for BI implementation methodology and best practices
• Expertise and experience in Restaurant, Real Estate, and Operational metrics and reporting
• Focus on Time to Value, and BI best practices
• 20+ years in data and analytics

Rachel Ryan_Headshot

Rachel Ryan

Team leader responsible for resources, scheduling, technical delivery and quality assurance
• Oversees rollout of custom software solutions
• 10+ years of design thinking & product management expertise
• Professional certifications: Project Management Professional (PMP) and Certified Scrum Master (CSM)

Grace Broknell
Analytics Consulting

Grace Brockwell

Lead consultant responsible for BI implementation strategy and solutions
• Recommends and executes strategic BI roadmap based on business goals
• Broad background in Marketing and Operations analytics
• 50+ BI implementations
• Scrum Master (CSM)

Growth - Predictive

Chad Salstrom

Strategic advisor for client discovery and internal product development
• Supports Machine learning pre-sales, sales, implementation support
• 7+ years of Data technology consulting and leadership
• Broad background in Data management, analytics and Machine Learning

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