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3 Different Workshops to Choose from

Unlock your Data's Full Potential

Designed to empower your organization with the knowledge and tools needed to harness the full potential of your data. This hands-on workshop will guide you through the essential steps of developing and implementing a robust data strategy, tailored to your unique business objectives.

Led by industry experts, you’ll dive into practical sessions on data governance, analytics, infrastructure, and culture transformation. Whether you’re looking to enhance decision-making, boost operational efficiency, or create personalized customer experiences, our workshop will provide you with actionable insights and strategies to elevate your data capabilities.



Our 3 different Data Strategy workshops are designed specifically to provide you with the tools and knowledge necessary to transform your data practices, enhance your business impact, and lead your organization towards a more data-driven future.

Organizational Readiness

Learn how to craft effective data strategies and ensuring your organization is fully prepared to implement them.

Assessing Readiness

  • Evaluate your current data management practices
  • Identify gaps and areas for improvement in your data

Crafting Effective Data Strategies

  • Learn how to develop a comprehensive data strategy that aligns with business objectives
  • Understand the steps to cultivate a data-driven culture within your organization

Implementing Data Governance and Management

  • Define best practices for data governance and management frameworks
  • Overcome common challenges in data strategy implementation

Aligning Data Initiatives

  • Strategies for ensuring data initiatives support and enhance business goals
  • Practical tips for engaging stakeholders and securing buy-in

Business for Data Teams

Bridge the gap between data expertise and business acumendesigned specifically for data professionals looking to enhance their business impact.

Understanding Business Objectives

  • Gain insights into how business goals shape data projects
  • Learn to identify and prioritize business-critical data initiatives

Identifying Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

  • Discover how to select meaningful KPIs that align with business objectives
  • Techniques for monitoring and reporting on these indicators effectively

Communicating Data Insights

  • Master the art of translating complex data findings into actionable business strategies
  • Improve your skills in communicating data insights to non-technical stakeholders

Fostering Cross-Functional Collaboration

  • Strategies for enhancing collaboration between data teams and other business units
  • Build a culture that values and utilizes data across departments

Decision Making and Storytelling

Unlock the full potential of your data by your enhancing analytical skills and the ability to tell compelling stories with data.

Mastering Data Visualization

  • Explore advanced techniques for visualizing data effectively
  • Learn to choose the right type of visualization for your data stories

Analytical Skills for Data Interpretation

  • Enhance your ability to analyze and interpret complex datasets
  • Develop strategies for using data to inform decision-making processes

The Art of Data Storytelling

  • Discover how to craft narratives that convey the significance of your data insights
  • Learn to create stories that resonate with and influence your stakeholders

Strategic Use of Data in Decision Making

  • Techniques for leveraging data in strategic planning and decision making
  • Empower your team to use data as a key asset in driving organizational success

What To Expect

1-2 day workshop sessions

Final report summary of actionable steps

Forward-looking recommendations

Roadmap for implementation

Evaluation of the current data and landscape outlining strengths, areas for improvements, and opportunities for strategic advancement


One-Day Workshop (Onsite)
$12,000 + Travel
$12,000 + Travel
Two-Day Workshop (Onsite)
$16,000 + Travel
$16,000 + Travel

*One or Two day will depend on individual company needs.


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Meet Your Instructors

mark ziler
Founder & President

Mark Ziler

Founder of VisionWrights, leveraging experience and expert network for client value
• 20+ years in data & analytics
• 10+ years enterprise implementation/solution delivery
• Product leadership at numerous data-centric SaaS companies
• Hands-on fractional “head of data” client advisor

Meghan Rogers_updated headshot
Analytics Consulting

Meghan Rogers

Lead architect responsible for analytics discovery, Domo implementations, and solutions delivery
• Team development experience + varied delivery capabilities
• 15+ years of analytics experience, in-house and consulting
• Former Search Discovery, Big Squid
BS & MS in Mathematics & Applied Demography

Jason Rice_Headshot
Analytics Consulting

Jason Rice

Strategic advisor for BI implementation methodology and best practices
• Expertise and experience in Restaurant, Real Estate, and Operational metrics and reporting
• Focus on Time to Value, and BI best practices
• 20+ years in data and analytics

Grace Broknell
Analytics Consulting

Grace Brockwell

Lead consultant responsible for BI implementation strategy and solutions
• Recommends and executes strategic BI roadmap based on business goals
• Broad background in Marketing and Operations analytics
• 50+ BI implementations

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